Affiliate Marketing for Beginners








Welcome to this video about affiliate marketing for beginners. I’m assuming that you have found out that people are actually making money online by promoting other people’s product.


Otherwise, you won’t be searching for more information about this specific keyword on YouTube. Well, no worries.


I’m here to help, Fonzy’s the name by the way. I’m an affiliate marketer from the Philippines and I’ve been involved in this industry for many years now.


During those years, I’ve found what works and what doesn’t… through trial and error. I’ve found great mentors and people who looked great outside but are douche-bags when you get to know them a bit.


Point is… I’ve seen a lot.


I created this affiliate marketing for beginners video so you can speed up your learning curve as much as possible. And I do hope that you avoid a lot of the pitfalls that come with being in this industry.


Promoting products that earn you thousands of dollars from the comfort of your home can be a dream lifestyle but often, it’s really just working except you’re not in an office. Working, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes are still part of this like in your day job.


And you’ll also be studying a lot of materials just like in school. I know, I know.


You thought that this was supposed to be an easy-peasy success from the beginning but it’s really not. It’s still a lot like working and studying for school except it’s all done at home or online.


There’s no escaping effort, self-discipline, and willingness to take action. So with this affiliate marketing for beginners video, let me start by saying that you should stay away from any niche about making money and financial independence.


The thing is… there are other niches or markets that you can talk about and sell to your followers or subscribers. So just focus on other niches.


Don’t tackle the affiliate marketing or make money online niche yet at this point of your journey. You’re better off with weight loss, dating, building muscle, love advice, computers, singing, and other cool stuff at first.


Later on, when you’ve made thousands of dollars, you can start teaching how to make money online if you want to. But by that point, I don’t think that you’ll want to because you will be busy serving your thousands of followers in your existing niche.


Anyways, find something you’re interested in then learn more about it. Do your research. After that, find a popular website that’s free to use where you can share what you have learned.


Watch the affiliate marketing for beginners video above to know what I’m talking about.







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