Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – Where to Get Content for Your Blog or Video









Why Content is Key

One of the major components to making money online consistently is to create good content that helps other people. That’s what affiliate marketing is all about.


It’s about giving value or giving tips, advice, and solutions to real-world problems that people have. And some of these aren’t even something they would like to broadcast to the whole world.


They would just like to get information from your site or YouTube channel then apply it secretly. They don’t want others to know that they have these issues.


For example; dealing with insecurities, not being confident, having low self-esteem, or not being able to please their lover. Those type of things are confidential and when you can give advice on what to do to cope with or overcome those problems, you are providing value to the internet.


That’s what will attract people to you because you’ll be seen as the go-to-person or “expert” when it comes to your niche. Without content or providing value, you’ll just be another spammer.


You may be a legit marketer but your business can only last for the short-term without content (long-from or short-form). You need some type of information to give away to other people so eventually, they’ll buy stuff from you.


It’s a win-win situation. You give them what they want, they’ll like you, then you get what you want.



How to Get Ideas and Generate Content

There are many ways to get content for your affiliate marketing business. You can search on Google, read articles on Ezine Articles or Article Base.


If you’re in the self-improvement niche which is a very lucrative and fun niche, you can check out articles on


A lot of experts are posting articles there and you can learn a lot from them. They give away awesome and juicy tips that you can share with other people.


Of course, give credit to them when you share what you learned. It’s always respectful and courteous to do that.


If those experts see that you’re crediting them in your content, they will like you and may even allow you to get access to their audience. When that happens, your followers will grow and you’ll make even more money.


You can also watch other people’s videos on YouTube so you can get more ideas on what to talk about and how to explain them. Especially nowadays when there are a lot of popular channels in a lot of niches, you can learn from many different creators how they present their information.


You can analyze what made their videos great to watch and how they display their personality in the videos. You can also pay attention to how they get people to subscribe to their channel or to their email list.


You can get a lot of good pointers there and think of your own style of doing things.










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