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I love working on my blog and creating awesome videos full of insights on my YouTube channel. Other times, I would simply indulge in my obsession for Korean music, food, variety shows, and Japanese animation. Join my Facebook Group HERE (You have to be logged into your FB account to see it)

What Does Procrastinate Mean?

      In this video, I’ll talk about this in detail. This is helpful if it’s you’re first time coming across this term. What does procrastinate mean? It means to delay something important because you’re not feeling it. This can lead to different uncomfortable consequences. If you don’t do something quickly, it will take […]

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Affiliate Marketing Using Blogger

              Affiliate marketing using Blogger is very interesting. Affiliate marketing through blogging is usually done through a paid WordPress site which many worldwide internet marketers just can’t afford.   Yes, it can be cheap especially, nowadays. But some marketers are just broke. But Blogger can offer anyone a free […]

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