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You Can’t Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

  I know the title’s a bit confusing especially since I’m an affiliate marketer myself but in the video below, the legend himself… John Chow will tell you why most affiliate marketers won’t make money in the long-term. John also reveals why you might be getting the low end of the bargain when it comes […]

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Selling Your First Online Course (My nerves… oooh!)

  Want to sell your first product online? Then get into selling online courses because all you need is the camera on your phone (provided the camera produces good enough quality of course!). In today’s video, you will learn how to sell your course for free, what autoresponder to use in the beginning, outlining your […]

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How I Made $45,000 in 7 DAYS – My Affiliate Marketing Story

  I’m excited to share this video with you today. It’s a story of how ODi made $45,000 in seven days with just affiliate marketing. He will show you how much he really took home from that amount (minus expenses) and why affiliate marketing is better than most online business models. Check out Odi’s YouTube […]

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